Builders and Sparkle clean at 19-22 Russell Hill

Builders clean of 3-storey houses at 19-22 Russell Hill

Cleaning out 16 flats and 6 3-storey houses at 19-22 Russell Hill was a huge success, thanks to our client, Cablesheer group. Our team worked through the rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and doorways to give the building that alluring sparkle and glow.

The clean included fixtures, furnishings, and fittings, to put the flats in a standard condition suitable for rentage and accommodation.

Builders Clean is very important both for a new project or a refurbished property. Sparkle clean leaves your property sparkling and glowing.

At Elegantly Clean we provide the best after builders and construction clean services for flats, block of flats, storey buildings and apartments. Contact us and request a quote for your site.


Cablesheer Group

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