Builders Clean and Sparkle Clean at over 650 McDonald’s

Builders and Sparkle clean of over 650 McDonald’s building sites

With an ongoing contract with Galamast Ltd, we provide regular contractual builder cleans and sparkle cleans for over 650 McDonald’s nationwide refurbishments. This includes after builders cleaning of all furnishings, fixtures, fittings and windows to bring the restaurants up to food hygiene standards and prepare the restaurants for opening.

Our builders clean and sparkle clean services at McDonald’s restaurants provide a professional cleaning option for making sure rubbish, nails, broken glass, dirt, packing materials, scuffs, footprints, smeared windows, sticky patches, liquids, stains and so many other possibilities of dirt or debris are totally eradicated, leaving with a sparkling and smooth surface.

The importance of a clean work and service space in a restaurant or café can never be overemphasized. Cleanliness in a restaurant or café is more than just boosting the ambiance. Effective cleaning reduces the spread of diseases, reduces food contamination, and prevents pest infestation. Cleaning equipment and products used by professional cleaners are commercial-level standards. These equipment and chemicals are more effective in performing various cleaning tasks. If your restaurant or café was just built, cleaning it perfectly yourself will be impossible. Read more about Why You Need Professional Cleaners for Your Restaurant or Café in our blog post.


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