Construction Clean at Pedley Street

Pedley Street - Construction Clean

Working with Hill Partnership Ltd, Elegantly Clean delivered a full builders clean, sparkle clean and re-clean of all 63 domestic properties in the new Pedley Street development, as well as a construction clean for one singular commercial unit.

When we perform a post construction clean, we take time to remove concrete, plaster, scrap lumber, drywall etc from ceramic tile, bathroom fixtures, windows, floors, ceilings, etc. If there is wood strewn all over the place, our hardworking team ensures that all woods are gathered up and piled in a neat way, nails and other metals are also properly removed.

A builders clean comprises of two main stages – the initial/rough cleaning and the final clean, or the final touch that will bring the showroom quality look of your building. Contact us and request a quote for your site.


Hill Partnership Ltd

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