McDonalds Shepherds Bush

McDonalds Shepherds Bush

A culmination of the advanced cleaning techniques, and the extensive cleaning services we offer from after builders clean to high-end sparkle cleans is what keeps our clients coming back. McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest franchises, and has maintained its reputation as a universal favourite for its rebranding over the years – including an extensive nationwide refurbishment project that completely reimagined it’s dining spaces for customers everywhere.

Our team of after builders clean professionals were brought in to get the job done, and provided an after builders cleaning service to ensure each and every restaurant reached the highest standard of cleanliness, hygiene and tidiness that accurately reflected the McDonald’s brand, and top-standard ranking amongst global restaurants.

When it comes to a large-scale refurbishment project, there’s always a lot to be taken care of to ensure restaurants, cafés or other collectively used spaces can be safely and enjoyably used by customers once the project has finished. This includes professional after construction cleaning, that will analyse the space and ensure every minute detail is taken care of.

Builders can leave behind all sorts of hazardous items and visible wear and tear after a complex refurbishment. A reputable after-builders cleaning company can provide the techniques, tools and equipment to polish off their intricate building work. Rubbish, nails, broken glass, dirt, packing materials, scuffs, footprints, smeared windows, sticky patches, liquids, stains and so many other signs of building work can be removed from the space, restoring safety and hygiene standards.

We provide sparkle cleans, after construction cleans and newly refurbished cleans for restaurants and other hospitality establishments in need of a transformation. Our services are delivered by a team of industry experts that bring a dedicated and individual outlook to every task. Our after builders services stand out for the fact that we can reach even the trickiest of spaces, to ensure no one spot is left unclean.


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