The Best After-Build Cleaning Service In London

The Best After-Build Cleaning Service In London

Builders often leave dust, debris and rubble scattered and strewn around after they have completed their work. This isn’t ideal when you are looking to get the property ready for guests/ customers/ clients. To remedy this problem, an after-builders cleaning service is required.

Whether you own a home in London that has recently been redecorated or renovated, or a commercial property that has just been built from scratch, we offer the best after-build cleaning service in London. An after-build clean isn’t quite as simple as domestic cleaning, the property will require significantly more attention to rid it of rubble, dust and left over building materials.

Our after-build cleaning term offers a much-needed service, they can get your property looking good as new in no time. You’ll struggle to believe there were even builders in!

Some of the tasks included in our after-build cleaning service in London are:

Removing left over rubble from the property
Dusting all areas in the property, thoroughly, to remove the thick dust
Deep cleaning of carpets, rugs and upholstery such as curtains or sofas
Vacuuming and polishing hard floors
Wiping and polishing hard surfaces
Scrubbing toilets, sinks and bathtubs – especially those that have been used by grubby builders!
Cleaning and polishing tiles and grout
Cleaning doors, door frames and handles
Cleaning windows, window frames and window sills
Cleaning blinds
Polishing mirrors
Cleaning skirting boards
Cleaning light fixtures and fittings
Dusting plug sockets

This is just some of our most common tasks, if there are other areas in your property that need particular attention we’ll be sure to cover them.

If you want to book in for an after-build clean in London, just get in touch and we will arrange a visit to your property.