Builders Clean of Hotels

In this present day and age, a builders clean is becoming increasingly important due to the mess left behind by contractors/builders. No one wants clutter and dirt all over their newly constructed or refurbished building. Mess left behind, such as particles of cement, stones, need to be disposed of. All new buildings, including hotels, need a builders clean.

Builders Clean of Hotels

What is a builders clean?

A builders clean is a complete representation of a project carried out by professionals. It involves a thorough cleaning of a building project. It includes cleaning things and spots on windows, window frames, doors, floors, ceilings, walls to the perfect picture your clients/homeowners expect.

Every edifice requires complete cleaning after construction, especially commercial premises such as stores, restaurants, office space, hotels, etc.


Why do your hotels require such professional cleaning services?

There’s always a need for a final touch after the completion of an arduous building scheme. Hiring a team of professionals for your hotel cleaning service is a great choice to make.

Builders clean services are the best and safest bet because:

  • It prevents environmental hazards.
  • It pays attention to every part, including the minute details.
  • It is highly adaptable.
  • It improves hygiene with proper sanitation.
  • It makes the hotel and its surroundings presentable.

What can professional cleaning services offer?

Builders clean goes beyond mere scraping and washing. The sole aim of a builders clean is to give your hotel a perfect look only professionals can give. By hiring the service of a professional cleaning company, you get a satisfactory hotel cleaning service.
Professionals offer several hotel cleaning services such, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, after builders cleaning etc.

Window Cleaning

Professional cleaning services offer thorough cleaning services that include your windows and windows frame, which tend to be more dusty than most surfaces. Getting the right cleaning service will save you the stress of worrying over what might go wrong while cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning

Unlike domestic cleaning, builders cleaning companies are fully equipped with tools and equipment for professional and eco-friendly carpet cleaning. With builders clean, you get to remove deep stains from your commercial or industrial carpets.

After Builders Cleaning

Though contractors carry out effective jobs, their goal is to avoid damages and not prevent dirt from piling up. They solely carry out their task without creating dents and cracks on surfaces, leaving them dusty and sticky.

Choosing a hotel cleaning company

A builders clean service like Elegantly Clean offers professional cleaning services across London and the UK, giving hotels the perfect project presentation.

Elegantly Clean Ltd specialises in builders clean and after builders clean. We are largely recognised for our team of CSCS operatives, extensive experience working on construction sites, transparency, full risk assessment, adherence to safety and health regulations, etc.

Over the years, we have carried out effective services across the UK, having gained the trust of their various hotels such as Easy Hotel in Shoreditch, Easy Hotel in Milton Keynes, Langham Hotel London.

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