Construction Clean of Residential Buildings

Residential buildings always need post renovation and builders clean after construction. It is an essential exercise that involves the wash off and removal of debris that has occupied the building ground or structure during the course of construction projects.

Construction Clean of Residential Buildings

Who is a Construction Clean Up Contractor?

The person/company saddled with the responsibility of removing concrete, drywall, dirt, paint product, plaster and scrap lumber from the floor or ceramic tiles is referred to as the cleanup contractor. The purpose of a residential post construction cleaning is to ensure that the entirety of your house is perfect after construction.

Construction or renovation would always be messy. Whether we would like to see it or not, a lot would be left behind in cases where these constructions include a lot of overhauling and some installation processes. Unused and unwanted materials are left behind, and this leaves a different outlook that is opposed to what was projected in the building’s visual plan.

The cleaning done after construction requires the knowledge of proper disposal of hazardous materials. How to ensure the new flooring installed is properly cleaned and polished, checking for safety that involves fixing leaks and loose wires where you can find them. The professional cleaning services that provide a thorough and detailed cleaning of your new or revamped space is what transforms it into a home for you at the end of the cleaning. After a construction clean, nothing else save a residential sparkle clean is expected of your space.

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Phases of Post Construction Clean-up

  1. Rough Clean
  2. Light Clean
  3. Final Clean

Rough Clean

This cleaning happens immediately, construction is done and over with. This includes scrubbing plywood just to see that the new flooring is correctly installed. This phase also features the disposing of large amounts of debris, unused and unwanted materials from buildings and large chunks of planks.

Light Clean

This phase happens to be the labour intensive part of the cleanup exercise. Here, the cleaning touches majorly on the appliances and installed facilities. For example, the kitchen basin/sink, the restrooms, windows and cabinets, these equipment installed to serve a specific purpose would be thoroughly cleaned.

Final Clean

This is the last phase of the after construction cleaning process where last-minute touch-ups for certain areas are applied. If in the cause of the light clean, dust or dirt has settled, it would be vacuumed properly in this final clean. It is in this phase, that smudges, fingerprints and any markings left behind while construction was ongoing would be wiped off.

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Summarily, post construction cleanup includes:

  • Removal of dirt and dust from surfaces.
  • Thorough dusting of furniture and appliances.
  • Cleaning trims, frames, and door jambs.
  • Taking off stickers from installations.

In the end, before you hand over the keys, and have the owner move in permanently, the after builders clean of residential building is like the final step that determines the ultimate outlook of the building.

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