Deep Final Clean After Construction or Renovation

When a building is newly constructed or renovated, there are different methods for how to clean after construction. For example, we have the rough clean that is done immediately when construction is completed, there is also the light cleaning which is part of the process, and the deep final clean after renovation.

The process of post construction deep clean is to ensure there are no traces of dirt or smudges before the occupants of the space move-in. It is an enhanced form of cleaning that should be done by professionals for certain benefits.

Deep Final Clean After Construction

Benefits of Deep Clean After Construction

It is necessary to perform a deep clean after builders have completed their job because nobody can stay in a place that is filled with dust or construction waste. When you hire post construction deep clean services, it would save you enough time and energy for arranging your items in your new space.



A newly constructed or renovated building can be dangerous to thread on if you don’t exercise some precautions. There are professional garments, footwear, and helmets required to be bodied to protect yourself while cleaning. What deep clean does is that it protects you from encountering danger that may result from what is left behind when construction has ended. The chemicals used during the course of construction aren’t exempted from what could generate health concerns if not properly handled after construction.


An advantage of deep cleaning after builders construct or renovate is to clear the clutter created from construction work and ensure that the home or building is clean. The process of decluttering helps to appreciate the full construction work carried out.

Proper Waste Disposal

There are different kinds of waste at construction sites and it may be tough trying to clear them as soon as they are created while work is ongoing. The deep cleaning phase makes provision for all waste to be properly disposed of as you are aware that it is your last opportunity to get rid of all the waste gathered while construction is ongoing.

The aim of the final clean is to ensure that the result looks the best it should. It is not only important for first and waste but to also give it the finishing touches it needs. Deep cleaning services after construction or renovation are not the same as your regular house cleaning as the waste is more, and areas that aren’t noted for cleanup in your regular house cleaning are paid attention to in this instance. These areas range from; sweeping and vacuuming all surfaces, including the ceilings and doors to your floors and pieces of furniture.


Cleanup Steps after Renovation or Construction

  • Sweep and disinfect floors.
  • Mop all surfaces including ceilings and your walls.
  • Wipe off the dust from your doors, knobs, and equipment.
  • Clean all closets.
  • Wipe off first from all cabinets, handles, hinges, and shelves.
  • Dust the blinds, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures.

There are many factors to be considered when deciding who would do a post construction deep clean of your building, the most important is that a thorough cleaning is conducted at the end of the day.

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