Why Invest In Post Construction Cleaning

What’s the difference between a builders clean and a domestic clean?

Most people in need of a cleaner will be looking for a regular domestic cleaner. Others, might be in need of an after builders clean. Although these cleans will involve some of the same tasks, there are also many differences. These are some of the differences between a domestic clean and an after builders clean.

Domestic clean…

A domestic cleaner will take care of the day to day cleaning tasks that you would normally expect in the home. This includes things like dusting, hoovering, ironing clothes, polishing furniture and cleaning bathrooms. Domestic cleaners may also complete more infrequent tasks such as oven cleaning, dusting between blinds and cleaning upholstery such as curtains and sofas. Usually, domestic cleaners operate on a little and often basis, makingsure your house is kept clean at all times. 

After builders clean…

After builders cleaning is completed on a much deeper level. This type of cleaning is called upon after renovation works, or when a new build is finished. The building process creates a huge amount of rubbish, dust and debris, so after builders cleaners are responsible for ensuring the new project is ready to welcome residents, clients, guests or customers.

After builders cleaners will complete some of the following tasks:

  • Tidying any rubbish and debris left behind by builders
  • Deeply cleaning with high grade vacuum cleaners to ensure all remnants of building work are removed
  • Deeply cleaning and polishing all surfaces to rid them of thick layers of dust that will be remaining as a result of the building work
  • Sanitising all surfaces with industrial grade materials, equipment and tools that will safely remove and leftover chemicals from the building work
  • Cleaning upholstery that may have become covered in dust as a result of the building work

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