Sparkle Clean оf Supermarkets

Builders leave piles of dust, paints, granites, and their prints all over the construction site. Once the building is completed, hiring a sparkle clean instead of a domestic clean is advisable due to the mishmash left behind.

Sparkle Clean оf Supermarkets

What is a sparkle clean?

A sparkle clean is also known as builders or construction clean. It is a maximally detailed cleaning of premises after construction is completed. It is a post-builders cleaning of sites.

A specialised sparkle clean team always goes through every nook and cranny of the site making sure it looks brand new. You definitely want to get the flooring, fixtures and fittings of your new or refurbished store looking grand and new. With the right sparkle cleaning company, you get an immaculate cleaning of your store that attracts your customers and keeps them in. It includes deep cleaning of stores, restaurants, hotels, courts, showrooms, homes etc.


Benefits of hiring a sparkle cleaning service for your supermarket

Like all businesses, we bet you want to impress your visitors. One way to get your prospective buyers to check out your goods is by getting their attention.

People are generally moved by what they see, so it’s best to appease their sight by giving your supermarket that exquisite look both inside and outside. To achieve this, it’s wise to utilise the services of a sparkle cleaning team that offer services such as:

  • Removal of all dust and building materials.
  • Polishing the hard floors, mirrors, glass and stainless steel surfaces.
  • Cleaning of floorings and carpets, giving ease for free movement.
  • Removal of sticky substances and rubbish from the site.
  • Complete cleaning of windows and window frames.
  • Detailed cleaning of doors and door frames, kickboards, handles, railing and other surfaces.
  • Power washing of the exterior, giving your supermarket the look that pulls people in.

So with such cleaning, the premises look as if there were never builders and their materials in the first place. The great thing is such services are usually within an affordable price range.


Choosing the right cleaning services

When getting a sparkle clean of shops, it’s important you choose a well-recognised company. Elegantly clean is highly recommended by their customers for their transparency and effective services.

We offer sparkle clean and builders clean services with a guarantee of going beyond your expectation and giving your supermarket the perfect appearance for your customers. We offer the initial clean and the final clean to various stores in London and Greater London.
Elegantly clean have a team of operators who:

  • Are experienced and well trained in using specialised machinery.
  • Adhere to all health and safety protocols.
  • Have first aid training.
  • Carry out thorough risk and management statements.

Elegantly Clean has provided sparkle clean services for Lidl supermarket, McDonald’s, Chobham Farm, Hatcham Mews and many more. We offer sparkle clean of shops and after builders clean of shops.

Opting for a sparkle clean rather than a domestic clean gives you a sparkling store, and you get your customers pleased, engaged and satisfied.

Call us now on 020 3561 3720 or email us at and get a professional clean for your restaurant, shop or any other premises.