Tips for keeping your office space clean -
if you’re doing it yourself

In the current COVID-19 era, cleanliness and hygiene are now more essential than ever. As we are all returning to work, keeping the workplace clean also means helping keep it safe, so it’s important to get it right.

Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean – If You’re Doing It Yourself

If you are planning on doing the office cleaning yourself here are some tips on making sure it’s done right.

Common areas should be cleaned regularly

Common areas such as reception, walkways, stairs and hallways should be dusted and vacuumed (or mopped if it’s a hard floor) on a regular schedule, the frequency will be contingent on the volume of footfall. If you have a reception area that is frequented by customers or visitors, then the appearance of these areas will speak volumes about how you perceive hygiene and cleanliness during pandemic times. It’s vital to make people feel safe by maintaining a clean environment.

Cleaning and Sanitising of surfaces

Especially during COVID-19, surfaces should be chemically-cleaned and then sanitised to minimise the risk of the virus, an appropriate cleaner should be used and full details can be found at

On most occasions, an antibacterial product should be used.

Kitchen & bathroom areas should be clean

Office and communal kitchen areas are especially prone to bacterial transmission. These areas should be cleaned regularly with a suitable antibacterial cleaner. You should make sure you pay particular attention to sinks and appliances that employees tend to use regularly.

Keep the office / building free from garbage

Bins are breeding grounds for bacteria and other bugs, have bins dotted around the office building strategically. Bins should have liners and should be emptied more regularly than before. Make sure to notify staff that placing containers with liquid (e.g. coffee cups) in the bin will double the chances of bacterial growth.

Start a tidy desk policy

Cluttered desks are more difficult to clean, not to mention that they are also the dirtiest. Desks are high touch point areas and so, should be cleaned and sanitised frequently to help maintain a healthy workplace. Ask staff to sanitise keyboards and equipment after use.

Get the professionals to do it for you

You probably have more imperative tasks to spend your time doing than the cleaning, so outsourcing the cleaning to a professional contract cleaning company is a sound choice. Your cleaning will be fully managed for you and will focus on the day to day cleaning so you can focus on your business.

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