Why Invest In Post Construction Cleaning

What Is a Builders Clean?

A builders clean occurs after renovation or construction work has been completed. A thorough cleaning is carried out to remove dirt, dust, and debris. Construction is quite messy, regardless of the extent of the work. There are usually dozens of people on the job site and a lot of work is carried out too. Mess is to be expected. So, what exactly happens during a builders clean, and why is it necessary?

Understanding a Builders Clean

A clean usually involves the removal of paint blemishes, marks, and scuffs from skirting and floorboards, fixing grout lines, rendering windows, detailing tiles, removing debris, and more. 

A professional cleaning should take place after a building project is finished to ensure the property is tidy and presentable. This should happen, however, only when the entire project is finished and there are no more equipment, materials, or workers on the site.

What’s Included with the Clean?

Here are a few things that are typically covered during a builders clean:

  • A Deep Clean of All Sinks, Showers, and Bathtubs
  • A Deep Clean of Flooring (Vacuuming and Washing)
  • The Removal of All Debris
  • A Deep Clean of Internal Shelves, Wardrobes, and Appliances
  • Extensive Cleaning of Window and Door Frames

The Benefits of a Thorough Clean

A builders clean isn’t given much thought, yet it is a necessary part of the project. Benefits include:

  • Enhances Hygiene within the Property
  • Makes the Property Presentable
  • Removes Hazardous Dust from the Building
  • Ensures the Site is Safe to be On

You might not think a professional clean is necessary after a building project, but even minor renovation work needs close attention. For instance, it goes beyond domestic cleaning and what you can do at home. That is why there is a need for a builders clean and to have it carried out by a professional service also.

When Should a Clean Occur?

It might be wise to let the dust settle for two or three days before the builders clean. Of course, this depends on the extent of the work being carried out and whether more work is still to happen.

For instance, a new kitchen extension has been completed. New doors are yet to be installed; so, it might be best to wait until the doors are in before the clean happens.

A Sparkling Finish

The extent of the clean comes down to the needs of the property and the type of work being carried out. A thorough clean is important after every construction project, whether you’re undertaking minor renovations or adding a major extension to the home. A thorough cleaning is necessary and should be carried out by a professional. A builders clean will ensure all debris, dust, and dirt is removed and the area is left tidy.