What is a Sparkle Clean?

Handover clean. After builders clean. Construction clean. Sparkle clean goes by many names, all pointers to the very important role it serves in giving your site a proper clean.

What is a Sparkle Clean?

First off, it is NOT your regular house cleaning!

Sparkle clean goes by many names, all pointers to the very important role it serves in giving your site a proper clean. When we say sparkle clean, we refer to a deep final clean done after a building project or renovation and before the site is handed over to the end-users. A sparkle clean will make the changes you have made a standout and give your space that showroom look and feel.

Why do you need a sparkle clean?

Builders (workers in general) leave behind materials, dust, footprints and finger marks all over the site. Regular domestic cleaning done by you or a domestic cleaning service can only do so much. Sparkle cleaning ensures the site looks brand new, spotless, sparkling – as if the builders were never there.

A home, space or site that has been sparkle cleaned is easy to spot:

  • The walls, floors, fixtures, and fittings will have a flawless finish – like something out of a million-dollar mansion.
  • The site’s design will be better appreciated (as there’ll be no dirt to cloud the view).

How is sparkle cleaning different from regular cleaning?

A sparkle clean comprises of two important stages:

Initial or Rough Clean

This initial stage of builders clean involves removing rubbish, dust and debris from all surfaces of the building. It is usually done halfway through the building process (e.g. cleaning up all the dust so floors or tiles can be laid). Many builders also use a sparkle clean service before a client visit so that any trade imperfections can be easily spotted.

Final Clean

This is the final stage and differentiates a real builder’s clean from a normal house clean. It involves removing trade defects such as cement splatter on walls, straightening grout lines and removing grout marks on tiles, detailing tiles, paint marks from floorboards, etc.

The final clean is what will give your home that showroom quality look. You can easily tell when a new home has had a final detail clean because the difference is noticeable.

This stage also takes the most amount of time. Unfortunately, there are many cleaning companies who leave this part out of their quote to make their prices seem cheaper or because they don’t know what a builder’s clean consists of. Worse yet, there have been cases of some cleaners causing permanent damage to the home by using harsh chemicals on delicate surfaces and without the necessary experience.


Wrap up

In summary, during a sparkle clean:

  1. All dust, debris and building materials are removed.
  2. Carpets, floors, and all surfaces are deep cleaned.
  3. Hard floors are polished and wood floors waxed.
  4. Detailed window cleaning, including all blinds
  5. Power washing of the exterior of the building
  6. Chrome, mirrors, glass and stainless steel are polished
  7. Detailed cleaning of skirting boards, paint rails, coves and door frames
  8. All sticky label residue and wrappings are removed
  9. All rubbish is removed from the site
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