Why Choose Commercial Cleaning Services After Renovation?

Not everyone realises it, but cleaning is an essential element of the renovation and construction process. Cleaning after renovation is like adding the finishing touches to a painting. You wouldn’t hand in half-finished homework, so why leave a build without post-construction cleaning?

Why Choose Commercial Cleaning Services After Renovation?

If you’re starting to research after construction cleaning, you might be unsure which services are needed. Here at Elegantly Clean, we offer commercial cleaning services to help you keep your projects tidy. Our expert teams are certified to use the latest cleaning equipment to ensure you get the best results.

Keep reading to explore the key differences between commercial and domestic cleaning and find out the crucial benefits of commercial cleaning.

Key Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Experts always advise keeping a tidy construction site. Frequent cleaning reduces hazards and improves production, but what happens when the renovation project is finished?

This is where commercial post-renovation cleaning comes in handy.

Once your project is finished, make sure every element of the build looks perfect. Cleaning after renovation includes floor disinfecting, complete dusting, light fixture cleaning, and more. A final deep clean will put a smile on the new tenant’s face.

Other vital benefits of post-construction cleaning include:

  • A safe property. Any junk or hazards are removed.
  • Dust or debris that may harm the occupants is removed.
  • A picture-perfect look.
  • Happy clients and great reviews.
  • A decluttered space.
  • Reliable and safe waste disposal.
  • The clean is completed by professionals with years of experience and training.
  • Professional cleaning teams use specialised industrial equipment.

We want the property you’ve spent time building to look as perfect as possible. When you opt for after construction cleaning, your new build is guaranteed to please its new owners!


What’s the Difference Between Commercial and Domestic Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning services are similar but very different at the same time. It’s natural for clients to confuse these concepts, but there are some essential differences.

Domestic cleaning deals with apartments or homes, whereas commercial post-construction cleaning provides services for renovations, offices, and more significant buildings. Commercial cleaning teams are equipped to work on a larger scale, such as a newly renovated property.

When you need cleaning after renovation, there’s construction debris. This takes robust tools and supplies to remove, so a trained commercial team is best to do the job. Though domestic and commercial cleaning teams have similar skills, commercial employees are certified to use heavier machinery.

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Commercial Cleaning After A Renovation

Whether this is your first renovation or not, Elegantly Clean always has time to help with post-construction cleaning. We understand how important that final clean is after both significant renovations and construction work.

Don’t settle for less. Ensure your latest project is 100% ready for the move-in date with professional commercial services.

How We Can Help

If you’re looking for after renovation cleaning London, we’re here to help. The Elegantly Clean team has years of experience in the field and makes renovation sites look perfect without fuss.

Make sure your post renovation cleaning is handled by trained professionals.

Find out more about our professional cleaning services, or contact us for a quote on your renovation project here.
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